My First Lush Haul

My girlfriends are all really into Lush products and have talked about the brand fondly for quite some time. Prior to yesterday, I had gone in one time. I looked around and was instantly overwhelmed and walked out 2 minutes later. I knew then if I was going to try Lush, I needed my expert girlfriends and a good hour set aside for a Lush associates help! Yesterday the stars aligned and I had all that I needed for what ended up being the perfect first trip to Lush.

I first walked around the store and my girlfriends pointed out some of their favorite products. Between the two of them they both had their own favorite products so they had plenty of recommendations! A Lush associate sat me down, talked to me a little bit about myself and what type of products I would like to try and then she grabbed a few things. Spoiler alert: I bought everything she tried on me except for shower gel, but I took a sample and it has been noted the moment I run out of my current shower gel to run to Lush for a replacement! There was no pressure to buy it all, but because I fell so in love with everything she put on me and I could not go without it!

The first product that I will never be without ever again: Body Conditioner. You guys, it is lotion IN THE SHOWER. Like hair conditioner, but skin conditioner. Life changer for a woman with eczema! If you have dry skin, skin irritations, psoriasis, or just skin in general, run- do not walk to the nearest Lush and purchase this product! I cannot even describe the level of nourishment that my skin felt after using this product! I don’t feel like it has ever been this moisturized. I am writing this post 3 hours after I showered this morning and my body feels like I applied lotion 20 minutes ago. This quite possibly will replace my regular huge pump of lotion that I purchase often to lather up with after the shower.

The second product that I tried was the Charity Pot. I would have purchased this lotion just because it benefited a charity alone, but then I tried the product inside and found quickly that I would have purchased this product regardless so the fact that it benefits a charity (each one benefits a different charity!) and it is amazing to my skin, absolute perfection for me! Plus, it smells so nice! This is another hydrating product that I may not ever live without. It absorbs right into my skin, and makes it feel so soft!

Another product that I purchased that I have tried and really like is the ‘Lip Service’ lip balm! This soaks right into my lips leaving them incredibly soft and hydrated! I have not stopped using this since I tried it! I may go back soon to grab another one!

The final product that I purchased I have not tried yet but I am most excited to try is the Cup of Coffee face mask! This was my friend’s first suggestion and also one of the first masks that the Lush employee brought over so I knew I had to try it! This season of life has been really busy lately and I am craving a night with just me, myself, and I; Cannot wait to use this product. I will report back on Instagram on how it is!

Happy Lush shopping!


Mini Monday’s

I recently came across this Lara Casey devotional, and I think I am going to order it! I like the concept of writing and reading, plus I think for me it will hold my attention! I also really love the First Five app on my phone too for a quick read of a devotional on the go!

Found this beautiful Croc Pot at Macy’s this weekend and I am in love! Scanned this to the registry as quickly as possible!

I have mentioned this before, but the OPI infinite shine collection is so wonderful! Head over to my Instagram to see some pictures of my new polishes! @thebutterscotchcorner

I purchased some new fun lipsticks to help it feel a little more like spring! They look nice with my winter coat and snow boots…#michiganlife

It is that season where I usually chop my hair off, but because of the wedding I have decided to grow it out! Trust me; I am eagerly anticipating my first hair appointment post wedding! My hairdresser and I are going to town with a fresh cut and color!

Happy Monday!

The Outcry Tour

Sunday evening, I had the unexpected privilege of going to The Outcry Tour. I had thought all tickets were sold out, and that there was no way we could go. Then a sweet friend of mine had an extra pair of tickets and God had his way. We went and it was absolutely victorious.

I knew based on how we got the tickets so last minute and effortlessly that God had a big plan in the works. Upon arriving in the snow and rain… We love Michigan weather… We received Brian Houston’s new book Live Love Lead for free because we were 2 of the first 4,000 people to enter the door. Brian has lead a revolutionary ministry with Hillsong Church and man can we learn from him! I cannot wait to read his book!

Next, we ran into some friends from different walks of life. Different churches and organizations we are familiar with, even some familiar faces from some youth weekends. It was so refreshing to see so many people we knew! I was especially excited to see a woman wearing a shirt belonging to the ministry that I am in the early stages of volunteering for! I got the opportunity to meet her and her husband and chat for a few minutes. I never felt more connected! The packed out stadium didn’t feel so large all of a sudden!

After some intense worship, the chance to sponsor a child came about. This was nothing new or surprising. Every Christian concert that we have gone to has done this and every single time, Kyle and I look at each other and say “one day we should do this” Last night’s conversation was different. Last night’s conversation was about sacrifice, about making it happen. It went more like “Let’s cancel our $60 gym membership, sponsor a child for $40, and join the cheaper gym we have been considering for $20. That is a better use of our $60”. I knew this was a God given task. I knew this was how God would prefer we spend our money. I knew this was one of the big things God was doing during this concert.

We have few details about the little boy that we sponsored. Enough details that I am excited, little enough details that I cannot wait until our welcome packet comes in the mail! We started praying for this little boy and his family last night, and it was one of the first prayers on my heart this morning. Have you ever discovered that finding something new to pray for is surprisingly refreshing? I had gotten stuck in what felt like a “prayer rut” constantly praying for the same things like a routine. Praying for this family a globe away has blessed me beyond explanation!

I am so happy to be able to write about my experience from last night here on the blog. I believe in sharing the gospel. I believe in lifting others up, sharing testimony, trials, mountaintop experiences and valleys. We are not meant to live this life alone and in writing this, I feel connected and I feel lead regardless how many readers I have right now!


Coming back

Hello readers! It has been a while. I took a break on creating posts for the blog and Instagram for a while. I will not promise that it will be the last break that I take, I do this just for fun so when life becomes a little crazy, it is sadly the first thing to come to a halt. Forgive me in advance! 

I have recently purchased some new makeup, spring scarves and nail polishes! I am excited to try them and introduce them all to you! In fact, I have purchased SO many new scarves; I am going to do a mini-series for spring to showcase a scarf of the week, and a few ways to wear it!


Also, some of my favorite bloggers do a product favorites post or video. I think I am going to work on this! It is nice to hear/see product reviews before purchasing things!


Happy to check in with you all!

Word of the Year

Word of the year 

One word: Grow.


2016 for me is going to be about growth. In this year, I will move out of my childhood home. I will spend more money than ever before. I will become a wife. I will make a home that I share with my soon to be husband. I will start an internship with school. I will prepare to graduate from college. I will look for a new job. My life will grow.


Notice I said “grow” instead of “changed”. The literal definition of the word change is “to make or become different”. The literal definition of the word grow is to “become larger or greater over a period of time; increase”.  


Too many people think that if they take a spouse or make any huge adjustments to their life, everything will change and it tends to sound so negative. The reality is when we experience new things, we grow. Moving out, taking a husband, all of these things will grow me as a woman and expand my life to new things; Things that I cannot wait for!


Did you make a word of the year? I would love to hear it! Leave it in the comments below!


Clothes, Clothes, Clothes!

Am I the only one that has a full closet and nothing to wear?


I am looking forward to purging at least 40% of my closet in the near future and adding some new pieces. As I get older, I realize that with clothing, quality over quantity is best. The more expensive jeans will last longer and look nicer. The more expensive sweater will last more winter seasons. The more expensive t-shirt will wash better, wear longer, fit better. I could go on and on.


While I still go into shock sometimes when I buy staple pieces, I try to keep in mind that I am paying for quality and honestly I haven’t been disappointed yet! Don’t get me wrong, I am not spending $100’s of dollars and of course I still shop sales, but I was definitely the $3 t-shirt and $15 jeans kind of gal for the longest! Now I will spend $15 on a t-shirt and $40 on jeans, so I guess that isn’t really splurging that much, but I am stepping up!


The best thing about cleaning out my closet and donating clothes is I always donate to a place that works closely with Turning Point which is a woman’s shelter. Knowing that my gently used clothes will help a woman in need makes it more than easy and joyful to give my unwanted or unworn pieces!



I have heard of capsule wardrobes and I am considering looking into this more. I like the idea of having things organized and multiple ways to wear certain pieces. Is this something you have tried? Was it successful?


Look forward to your feedback!



Our little homemade Christmas

This year we are being more frugal with money. Kyle and I are paying for our wedding this coming year and will also be moving into a home after our Wedding Day. With that being said, we are doing (well, did) a minimal Christmas.

At first, I was a little disappointed. I love giving those WOW factor gifts and really spoiling those close to me. I really was under the false impression that gifts had to be expensive to be excited about.

After much discussion on what to do this year, we decided on a homemade Christmas. I found these Mason Jar snowglobes on Pinterest and knew that was just the thing! Kyle and I went to Michaels to purchase a bunch of little mini things that I think people usually use for Christmas villages. It was all 70% off so we got some great deals!

Once we made these, and loved how they turned out, something dawned on me. I made Christmas about the presents, and that is never what Christmas was supposed to be. I loved sitting down with Kyle, with each person in mind and hand crafting something each person would love. Each snow globe has intention, character and was truly made with love. They don’t sell that at the mall! So from here on out, we are doing homemade Christmas gifts! We will be adding the gift of time spent together, and time spent on someone you love instead of focusing on the monetary amounts.

I am excited for our new homemade Christmas tradition and really focusing on The Reason for the Season. I encourage you to rethink the way you think about Christmas this year!

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!


PS: Sorry this is late!